Free Article: Mending in the Midst of Surgery

Are you one of the many needing reassurance about getting through surgery smoothly and quickly?

My article, "Mending in the Midst of Surgery" can help. It offers stories of people who did just that and it is free to you for signing up.
Why am I giving this away? I’ve seen so many struggle with the gut-wrenching decisions involved with navigating the surgery maze. In my own family we have been confronted with heart surgery, cancer surgery and hip replacement in recent years. I want to see people make choices to support themselves that lift the major stress and worry, and give them renewed health afterwards.

Perhaps you have wondered about the mind-body connection spoken of so often to address stress. I’d love for you to have this gift and learn about others real-life experiences and how they diminished the stress associated with the surgery experience. In this process you may discover that the deeply relaxing, gentle touch approach of Reiki works for you, too.

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Anita Graham