Who is Anita Graham, and Why Does She Love Doing Reiki?

anita-graham-reiki-by-anita Anita Graham has studied the natural healing art of Reiki since 1987. She has given hundreds of Reiki treatments over the years. Her practice includes providing treatments to terminally ill patients through local hospice programs. . She is inspired to share Reiki with people having surgeries who want to enhance their natural movement toward healing and wholeness and know they are more than their diagnosis or body parts. She loves to witness how participants drop their “busyness” and doing and enter the timeless and refreshing space offered by this gentle touch therapy. As a “recovering serious person” she welcomes the gift of laughter that can make a surprise appearance in the course of a treatment or teaching a class.

Anita assisted Barbara McDaniel with Reiki classes at Brenneke School of Massage from 2004-2006. She was initiated as a Reiki Master/Teacher by Barbara in 2006

After a long career as a mental health therapist, she was moved to bring her deep connection with Reiki off the back burner and acknowledge a great longing to offer this simple yet profound doorway to awakening and allowing our natural healing ability.

Some of her favorite down time is spent hanging out with her partner, Monty and cat, Bindhu.  She loves walks in her neighborhood where she can see the waters of the Puget Sound and majestic evergreens.  Meditation and yoga are also part of her daily practice.

If you would like to learn more about her practice, click here to contact Anita