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Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing practice that reminds your whole being how to rest deeply. It gives you permission to drop your busyness and enter into a refreshing and timeless space.

It can help with discomfort, distress and pain. Studies using bio-feedback instruments indicate that Reiki allows for lower heart, pulse and respiration rates, all indicators of deep relaxation.

I’m Anita Graham. I have been practicing and studying Reiki since 1987 and given treatments into the thousands in that time. Reiki treatments can help relieve stress, improve sleep, manage pain, decrease emotional upset, and increase your body’s strength and resilience if weakened by chronic conditions. Reiki has been a source of transformation in my own life. It informs my passion and trust in practicing this gentle healing art.

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And, you may be wondering, how Reiki can really help you.

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